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The Truth


(where the experiment continues)

bill-romberger-architectSo you have navigated through all that stuff that we have presented to you, Congratulations! So now you are rewarded with the plain truth, and here it is…

Romberger Associates, Architects, P.A. consists of me, Bill Romberger, an architectural guitar player (the guitar player part is seriously in question). I am the chief architectural designer, draftsman, phone operator and coffee drinker in this outfit…and I work out of my home office.

I am the person that does all of the architectural work on your project, and who is responsible for it. On occasion, I will include engineering consulting firms to do the mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering and the landscape architecture work. Most of the firms I would include on your project would be firms that I have worked with over the years and who have the specific expertise to address those subjects that we (you and I) don’t know enough about to solve correctly.

I hope you have enjoyed exploring this site as much as we have (CyberLynk Network and I) in designing it. They did all the work, I just sat around and bugged them. Let us know what you think by contact us today!

So I would like to hear from you, one way or the other, if you are interested in architecture and or guitar playing… I’m available when you are.